About Us

Paws Cat Cafe

The Idea

A comfy cosy cafe for you to come and relax and enjoy socialising with our resident feline friends. Enjoy a slice of cake and a coffee and a cat or two....or three...

We want to create an environment here that is fit for all. Cats are great for our mental health and provide a great way to relax. Here we strive for a calm, quieter environment than other cafe’s. For further details on this please do not hesitate to contact us.

We focus heavily on a kind calm environment where we value our planet. Our produce is all locally sourced where possible using local small business’ for our cakes, food, drinks and gift shop items. We cater for Wheat free, Dairy free and Vegans. (Please ask staff for further details on dietary requirements) We recycle everything where possible even down to the ring pulls on cans.

Where to find us

8 Angel Walk, High Street, Tonbridge, Kent

How to call us

 Call 01732 350202
We hope to see you soon


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