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The Cafe's New COVID-19 Guidelines

Hello everyone! We are so excited to be reopening again! We know we have shared these guidelines already but things can very easily get lost on Facebook so we thought we'd do a quick blog post so you can find the new guidelines and refresh your memory at any point before you come! It's super important that you stick to these as closely as you can to ensure your safety, other customers' safety, and the staffs' safety also!

 We have been working very hard behind the scenes during lockdown and cannot wait for you to all see some of the updates.

*Please note these may be subject to change depending on the developing COVID situation and government guidelines.*

We will resume trading for the following hours:

Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 10am – 4pm
Wednesday – 10am – 4pm
Thursday – CLOSED
Friday – 10am – 4pm
Saturday – 10am – 4pm
Sunday - 10am – 4pm
Staff will wear face masks for your protection -unless they have medical exemptions. We also advise our customers to wear a ma…

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