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Hiro and Wolf Interview

 We recently had the pleasure of having a mini photo shoot for Hiro and Wolf , a high quality cat and dog accessory company, and they sat down and asked us some questions. Can you tell us a little about yourself, the cats and the cafe?  My name is Lauren and I am the Manager at Paws Cat Cafe. We set up in 2018 as a family business run by me and my mum after we had both had enough of our regular jobs and needed something better for our mental health. We decided that cats were our passion so to have a calm safe cosy environment was exactly what we needed, so we rescued all the cats and set up Paws - a cafe for Coffee, for Cake and for Cats! What made you decide to open up a cat cafe? The primary thing was that both me and my mum suffered with anxiety and in our day to day jobs it was all just getting a bit much. My mum came up with this crazy idea of a cat cafe- it would be calm and quiet and cosy, everything most other cafes aren't. At first it seemed too out there but the more we t

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