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Hello again! Faith here. I know I've taken a while to get this blogpost up, I am also writing my own blog (you can take a look here if you're interested- but unfortunately the majority isn't cat related!)
We wanted the second post to give you an insight into some of the stuff we do here at Paws, and why Paws Cat Cafe is for anyone and everyone, no matter what.

As mentioned in the first post, cats can be the perfect solution to calming mental health problems such as anxiety. It was the answer for the owner Elaine, and we belive we have helped a number of people throughout the two years we have been here in Tonbridge. In April and May of 2019, we hosted a number of Anxiety Workshops alongside Laddingford Counselling which proved to be very popular and beneficial for those who attended. The workshop consisted of having a qualified counseller present to speak to confidently, as well as some methods and tips of keeping your anxiety at bay. We also had mini relaxing treatments, such as an Indian head massage and a neck and shoulder massage, to ease the physical tension that mental health can cause.

Speaking of treatments, Paws have also hosted a few pamper evenings with The Body Shop where you had the opportunity for facials and testing of The Body Shop products with the option to order with discounted prices. The price of this two hour pamper party also included a glass of prossecco and a sweet treat, so the pampering was well and truly in full swing! Some of these were hosted around Christmas time, making it the perfect opportunity for stress-free Christmas shopping (which I know I took full advantage of!)

We also host quiz and games nights after closing hours at Paws, ranging from film themes, such as Harry Potter and Disney, to seasonal, like Christmas or New Year! It is the perfect opportunity to get a group of friends together (or meet new people by joining another team!) and have some fun for a cash prize, all with cake and cats of course!

As you know, we are all about a relaxing environment, which is why we teamed up with Happy Nat Yoga at the beginning of this year to create Happy Cat Yoga. They were beginners classes, so there was no need to be flexible at all or have any yoga experience. Plus, the whole class was made even more entertaining as Bluebell decided to climb on everyone's backs when in yoga poses! There was also the opportunity to have a chat and a slice of cake afterwards, which can never go a miss!

And it's not just mental health problems we tackle here at Paws! In March 2019 we teamed up with Age UK to help combat lonliness in the elderly by having an exclusive day just for them to mingle with each other, and the cats of course, in order to increase their wellbeing and happiness. According to Age UK, there are 3.6 million older people living alone in the UK, of whom 1.9 million often feel ignored or invisible. So even though we can't be open now, if you have an elderly relative, neighbour, or friend, please give them a call or pop round (adhering to social distancing) just to check up. Now of all times can be the lonliest. The same goes for anyone you know that could be suffering from mental health problems. The current situation can be very isolating for people  and it's important to show that we care!

Also just want to say a thank you for all your continued support on our journey that allows us to keep going and keep hosting amazing events like these! We wouldn't be where we are if we didn't have such amazing and loyal customers! If there are any events you would specifically like to see in the future, or any suggestions at all, feel free to leave me a comment on this blog and I will pass everything on to Elaine and Lauren.

Stay safe and until next time.
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