Where did we find our cats?

 Have you ever wondered how we found all our cats in the cafe? Or perhaps been worried that we bought/bred them all specifically for cafe life? Well worry not, they are in fact all rescues from Romney House Rescue Centre. All except 4 came from Romney House in Downe, and this is their story and how you can help us help them!

Silvana set up the rescue centre after seeing an advert for Animal Samaritans, her natural empathy with her feline friends as well as her flair for being able to inspire trust in the fearful was recognised and soon many cats started arriving at her house.

Inevitably, the story of Silvana’s success with ‘problem’ cats spread & she was approached by Cats Protection & Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to see if she could help with the individuals that did not cope in large, busy cattery environments. Silvana’s rescue operation, run from her secluded back garden, has been operating steadily since 1998 helping cats find their fur-ever homes!

We began working with Romney in 2018 when we were setting Paws up, we were very keen to work with a rescue centre and adopt all the cats that needed the sort of environment we could provide. We came across Romney House and after meeting Silvana and visiting the centre we knew we wanted to help them out and rescue our cats here. 2 years on and we are still happy with our decision. The cats we have at Paws were all selected with Silvana to suit our environment and you can read more about our cats here:


Sponsor Cats 

Some of the rescue cats are unlikely to become domestic pets again for various reasons, for example if they have serious medical conditions or severe trauma.

Silvana has taken in these cats as residents to roam the rescue centre, and it actually often helps new arrivals to settle in. They get food, shelter, heating and vet care throughout their life. 

This is where sponsoring comes in.

A small standing order can greatly help with the running costs incurred, being able to rely on any amount of stable income really helps

These cats are available to sponsor to help with the costs and support for these animals. To find out more and meet the sponsor cats see the link below.

Sponsor - https://romneyhousecatrescue.org.uk/sponsor/

Looking to Adopt?

If you are looking for a new feline friend we highly recommend Romney House. 

There are of course, a few guidelines that they ask to make sure the cats are going to the best home possible, to view these guidelines or if you want to take a look at the cats currently in their care or need any more information follow the link below.

Adopt - https://romneyhousecatrescue.org.uk/adopt/

Charity Shop

In order to raise some extra funds for the rescue centre (that takes around £10,000 a month to run!!) there is a charity shop in Petts Wood.

Donations of clothes and cat toys are always appreciated.

Alternatively, volunteers help run the shop, which is great for people with no money or items to donate, but would rather donate their time to charity!

Links can be found below on information on each of these.

Charity Shop - https://romneyhousecatrescue.org.uk/shop/

Volunteer - https://romneyhousecatrescue.org.uk/volunteer/

Donate - https://romneyhousecatrescue.org.uk/donate/

We here at Paws can also take donations to Romney House for you. We can take donated items or any spare change to the rescue centre, and we also have sponsorship forms if you want to help that way!

You can ask any member of staff at Paws, or email or call us on the information below.

Email – pawscatcafe.info@gmail.com

Phone – 01732 350202 

Thank you to anyone who is able to help in any way, and if you can’t, a simple share of this blog can help too!

 Stay safe, 


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